Buildsmart Projects


New Homes

Buildsmart Projects has developed an innovative pre construction analysis and costing procedure to enhance design and build outcomes.

  • Preliminary construction analysis
  • Identify and minimize design and construction issues
  • Benefit from our expertise.
  • Early planning lessens possibility of design revisions
  • Substantially reduces variations during construction
  • Process guarantees transparency
  • Make your project construction a pleasure that guarantees client satisfaction

This process provides the architect/ client with a preliminary snapshot of the project construction, includes identifying construction issues and an initial costing. All before DA stage.
Post DA determination and during detailing and scheduling, Buildsmart Projects will provide detailed costing with feedback on issues and recommendations. At this stage the architect/ client may wish to get a comparative costing.
The Final stage; if Buildsmart Projects is selected as the principle contractor will be to complete all risk assessments, prepare construction program, documentation and provide a final contract value.
The project is now fully documented and ready to proceed to the construction phase. Whether you are an architect or home owner, contact us now to receive further information. You can email or click here to for more ways to contact us.