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Testimonial for David Anderson – BuildSmart Projects
October, 2011

We first met David in December of 2009 when he was tendering for the job of completing our Rosselli designed first storey addition to our house in Bronte. David was not the lowest quote nor was his quote the highest. We selected David because of his track record with Luigi, in particular; however, just as importantly, we chose Buildsmart Projects because of the positive testimonials we received from David’s previous customers.

Our renovation took 10 months and during that time David and his team displayed a level of professionalism to which we were unaccustomed from our previous experience with the building trade. The formal, recorded weekly site-meetings between us, the architect and David were key in keeping project on track and ensuring decisions needing to be made by all parties were completed in a timely fashion. These meetings also ensured that the many issues which arise in such a project were discussed fully along with quoted options so that informed decision could be made.

At all times during the project period David kept us well informed and always made it obvious that he was working with our best interests (and budget) in mind; he always sought sensible cost-competitive solutions which were also sympathetic to the design.

Another of David’s attributes is his years of experience in the industry which gives him the confidence to sensibly question the professions associated with the design process. At several points during our renovation David successfully challenged structural / architectural design components which he saw as not meeting well-enough practical building or functional standards. In saying this, David worked in with, and worked well with all the industry professionals associated with the project, especially the Architect and his team.

We are more than happy to act as referees ……

Michael Van Lieven



Architects’ Testimonials
6th February 2009

“We are a well established architectural firm with a reputation for quality residential design.  Our experience has been developed and refined in the last 25 years of practice.  We have administered various contracts with Anderson Building Contractors, with David  Anderson as the director since 1995. They completed contracts from alterations and additions worth $300,000 to large newhouses worth nearly $2M.

David Anderson has consistently shown great building, administrative and organisational skills. He has shown a good understanding of building plans; he also employs excellent subcontractors and ensures that the works are completed without defects. He has shown a great attention to detail and achieved a high construction quality.
He has always been very helpful in co-ordinating other trades and contracts that our complex design has requested. He administered their variations, claims and general paper work very well- He has organised the works and various trades to provide short and on time building works.

David has brilliant communication skills, he is very accessible and has been very attentive and responsive to our client’s as he has made our building sites a pleasure to administer.”

Yours sincerely