Buildsmart Projects



Buildsmart is your best bet for:

  • Renovations
  • Additions
  • Alterations

Renovations are our specialty! Increase the value and liveability of your home. We get the job done with minimal impact to your existing property. We protect all existing finishes, including plants, from damage during construction. We pay close attention to the details so you get what you wanted in the first placeĀ  every time.

Let Buildsmart do the Addition to your home that best merges with your current architecture and lifestyle with the least bother to you and the highest value for yourt dollar.

Alterations get done right with Buildsmart’s original planning process and the customer is kept in contact throughout the process. We provide you with detailed, printed selection options; turning the stress of working through design and decoration decisions, along with construction scheduling, turning the whole experience into a shared project with your joy as the goal.